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Digital Signage

Dynamic and visual communication at the point of sale. It is crucial in the omni-channel communication strategy. Digital signage results in immediacy, synchronization and ubiquity when updating the message. It makes an impact, interacts, informs and promotes through channels. If we can communicate by segmenting our audience, don't you think that communication will be more effective?

pointCreating custom and corporate content
pointAdaptation of static content
pointTickertape and partitioned screen layout
pointSchedule by tags, languages or geographic locations
pointBackground music integration with digital signage

Music channels

The injection of energy and positivism. Music is more than a sound that fills moments of silence. It motivates, moves, and stimulates people. It creates privacy in conversations and must be able to either relax the customer, or conversely, to leave an impression on him. What message do you want to convey?

pointCustomized music channels
pointScheduling channels per hour
pointMeticulous musical selection including latest trend music

Scent marketing

The olfactory instinct is irrational. A bad olfactory experience can change the purchasing decision of the consumer. Any scent will easily be associated with the brand and remain in his mind. It stirs emotions, excites people, and makes them remember you. Our mind can encompass 35,000 different olfactory memories, if your customer is not able to describe you, it is because you don't exist.
And does your brand exist?

pointAnalysis of the brand and the target
pointCustomized odotypes
pointBased on micro-nebulization technology
pointPossibility to be installed in the air duct

Interactive content

A more human technology that connects the brand with the customer. Designed to address the concerns of the customer in front of a product. It prescribes, uncovers, informs and creates extraordinary experiences. A well-informed customer will succeed in his choice and will have greater satisfaction with the brand.
Does your customer know what he is buying?

pointDesing and development of interactive apps for the POS displays
pointMeasure of interactions

Audio messages

The strength, value and impact of an audio message in a time in which our eyes are saturated with the impact of visual advertising. It communicates an offer, a promotion, a launch, or it simply creates a memory in the customer's mind. You can imagine him listening to it in front of the product, only one step away from purchasing. What do you want to tell him?

pointCreativity, writing and adapting the message
pointStudio recording
pointScheduling in the music channel
pointImpact measurement

Themed channels

The king of entertainment. Themed channels that will amuse the customer and make his waiting time more pleasant. Combine entertainment segments with your corporate content, offers, promotions or events. If you entertain with value and quality content, your message will be more effective.
Who said that waiting is boring?

pointMore than 15 themed channels
pointDesing of customized channels
pointBackground music integration

TMM Group are

communication technology and sensory marketing specialists at the point of sale


In-store background music

In-store background music service à la carte. More than 20 years’ experience in background music at the point of sale.

pointMore than 200 channels with different tempo and musical environments
pointCreating customized channels
pointSchedule summary by hours and zones
pointPossibility to add commercials

Digital signage

Intuitive content management platform for digital signage. Co-manageable, web-based and hosted in the cloud to ensure stability and scalability.

pointCorporate channels
pointDesign of customized content
pointInfotainment channels
pointInteractive applications


Aromatización de espacios

Scent diffusion solution through the micro-nebulization process. Bearomic technology converts essential oils into mist particles.

pointMore than 50 scents to be chosen
pointDesign of customized odotypes
pointDifferent systems acording square meters


Global service

We provide complete solutions, tailored to each point of sale, so that the values that the brand wants to communicate are reflected in a clear, attractive and effective way. We work with expert partners to add value to our service.













Receiving of the briefing to study our client's objectives. Do you want to promote? To inform? To entertain? Or do you want to convey your brand image? We define the strategies, and we dedicate some time to adapting the message to the medium.


On-site analysis or through a point-of-sale plan. Depending on the characteristics of the place and customer expectations, we define what technological choices fit your budget.

tmmgrup hardware


Depending on the scale of the project, we select among our many devices and music players, digital signage, or scents. And we integrate them with the latest market solutions in terms of screens, audio systems or air conditioning systems. Adding value through our experience and collaboration with major partners.


TMM Group offers the usable and intuitive Waapiti platform for the co-management of contents. Web-based technology, hosted in the cloud, without having to be installed on any PC and accessible from anywhere in the world. A continuously evolving tool, entirely developed by our IT team in Barcelona.

waapiti player


Once the needs have been analyzed and the space defined, the project is implemented. TMM Group or our partners will install the equipment and/or deal with the shipment of all materials. The plug&play technology allows the customer to connect the pre-configured music player and begin to emit its contents instantly.


Do you own a company with hundreds of locations? Do you have a project in mind at a national or international level? TMM Group provides a full service wherever you are, whether you are a SME, a franchise or a multinational corporation. Our network of partners and authorized installers help you make sure your project is implemented in the shortest possible time.

phone call


Our technical department will solve incidents remotely via telephone, or if not possible, will send a technician on site. The incident rate is 3%, 1 in 3 incidents is solved immediately on the phone, 80% are solved in less than 1 hour, and 99% are solved within 48 hours.


Clients are offered a lifetime warranty on all equipment, and in case of failure, we will change the product without any additional cost, except shipping costs. In case of technological obsolescence of a solution, clients are offered any new features or improvements, so that their performance is always outstanding. In addition, the platform undergoes monthly updates of new features and improvements.



We evaluate the effectiveness of each strategy, according to the objectives and ROI obtained. We need to perform this step together with the client, in order to see if we are on track or if it is necessary to reformulate the strategy.


Once the project is implemented and after a certain period of time (to be defined according to the project), you are likely to get return on investment through profit and investment in the project. TMM Group provides different tools according to the technology used.

Partner program

Join our partner program and become a partner of TMM Group to offer a global sensory marketing service

TMM Group partners are a key resource for implementing a successful project. Therefore, some of the most important success stories have been possible thanks to the collaboration of a TMM Group partner.

Partner 360º

  • Present your TMM Group solutions and products autonomously to add value to your services. We are looking for installers or agencies to create digital communication projects together at the point of sale and generate an all-round sensory marketing experience.

Strategic partner

  • If you think your products can contribute to or complement our solutions, we suggest working together to add value to the project and be strategically more competitive.

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